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How many times did it happen for you to think about a feature you want to use in your project but none of the present packages implementing it satisfies you?

For me, fortunately, not a lot, but there were some fancy cases where I wanted to implement a very specific feature but I had no time so I made compromises and pick something similar. I had the idea for this package while writing the article about Data-Driven Strategies. It was simple to set up the whole project, record user sessions and query data, but what about making it available for…

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“No matter how cool your interface is, it would be better if there were less of it.” ~ Alan Cooper

First time I read this quote I thought it was kinda fun because every time you think with your UX Designer about the connection between interface and features, it needs a lot because of that button, or that text colour, or that shadow… in short, if you ever worked with this, you understand what is like!

The real problem is that while projecting a UX you have to focus on user behaviours and… be realist, you’re not your users and…

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Graphic designer: “So far we built up our UX to be highly interactive, We focused on *put here a fantastic name for a simple stuff* making it beautiful, responsive and attractive.”
Me who lost 4 hours implementing it and saw how users use it: “So why nobody understands it?”

I don’t know if you ever had a conversation like this but the next immediate reactions are like ⚡🎯💣💥 and suddenly someone appears saying that he also designed an alternative version but was rejected for some reasons. …

During May 2020 I was asked to review and send my CV to a colleague for an official project presentation, so I got straight to my Google Drive account, where I have my CV, and started a revision to fix project dates and add things I’ve done since my last revision. Most of my projects were under NDA because were private, I had just a few stuff online and visible for anyone wanted to revise my work. At a certain point, I got my eye on my personal email. I won’t write my old email here (I don’t like spam)…

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PHP is a very popular language, and when something gets very popular it usually happens that someone come out and just says “that’s not cool”, and it’s ok, it happens. I read lots of articles saying “PHP is not cool for machine learning” or saying “just move to language X to perform this, there will work better” (I’m not gonna flame another language, just talking about random stuff on the internet).

I’m a PHP lover, I won’t negate that, I tried different languages, frameworks, developed native applications, I love to try new things but I also love PHP. …

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You’ve spent the latest X hours building a very complex system, with lots of complex interactions and features, you wrote tests and now everything works. But you haven’t a Dashboard where you can monitor details of your system and perform CRUD operations on your system models, and you don’t want to spend much time spinning up a dashboard that you don’t directly need or won’t directly use, so?

This is, in shorts, what happened to me some days ago. I want to give you a background without biasing your view on the entire idea of this blog post. I had…

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Nowadays building a big system composed of multiple API endpoints is becoming more and more a common practice, even thanks to the diffusion of the microservice pattern.

Adopting this kind of architecture you often have multiple APIs offering different services for the same user, accessible through a single frontend, like a SPA, a mobile app, a desktop solution, etc…
In this way, you can have for example:

  • an API for Authentication and user profile management.
  • multiple API for each service.
  • a frontend that talks to each API (or even multiple frontend).

In this article we’ll build two simple APIs powered…

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