During May 2020 I was asked to review and send my CV to a colleague for an official project presentation, so I got straight to my Google Drive account, where I have my CV, and started a revision to fix project dates and add things I’ve done since my last revision.
Most of my projects were under NDA because were private, I had just a few stuff online and visible for anyone wanted to revise my work. At a certain point, I got my eye on my personal email. I won’t write my old email here (I don’t like spam), but its format was email(at)libero.it


Kalizi <Andrea>

IT Engineering PhD and still student 🎓 Mobile&Backend Dev 💻 Growth hacking Enthusiast ☕ Startupper 🚀 Metalhead 🤘🏻 With love, from Palermo ❤️

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